Dating a surgeon the 35 dating rules

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If you decide to have children with a doctor, your kids will have educational opportunities many children may not have access to.Also since your doctor generally has empathy for their patients, your children may pick up on their good bedside manner and want to do what they can to help their fellow man.Doctors are known as one of the highest-paid professions in the country, so it’s safe to say that should you find yourself in a relationship with one, you will be living rather comfortably.Typically, the earning potential for a doctor far exceeds that of an engineer or a college professor depending on what kind of doctor he is.Most nurses have seen the Grey’s Anatomy episode where Rose, the nurse, and Derek, the dreamy surgeon, take their relationship to the next level. Nurses rarely sneak off to on-call rooms in the middle of a shift.In fact, hospital call rooms have very small, squeaky beds and very thin walls!Dating a doctor requires a certain level of patience that others may not need—especially when it comes to the art of trying to seduce the medical professional.

You've got someone by your side who doesn't blink twice in situations that would test other people's relationships. Of course, there is still a wide variety of disciplines that they could specialize in which could affect their earning potential.For example, a family practitioner won’t earn as much as a cardiologist, but even still, their salaries aren’t anything to laugh at.After graduating from Villanova University, she became a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse.Currently, she works at one of the leading children’s hospitals in the country in the NICU, PICU, and CICU, as well as working as a Certified Breastfeeding Consultant.

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Should ever you or your children get hurt or sick, when you are involved with a doctor, you can bet that they will be there to help nurse you and your children back to health.